commercial contract pain points

Pain points

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Pain Points

This is so complex - if we can’t describe the problem how do we write the requirements?

To leverage, extract and develop knowledge by linking various enterprise facets such as strategy, operations, commercial, finance, supply-chain, customer-support, and technology; by capturing detailed requirements for new products or services, then communicating the information in a way that’s usable by key decision-makers by testing this back with the business to test if it hits the spot.

By 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) will enable 30% faster contract negotiation and document completion processes in organizations that deploy leading contract life cycle management solutions.

(Source: Gartner 2020)


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We can't see the wood for the trees or determine who does what next?

Clear enterprise architects, business process outsourcing specialists and  business analytics experts are experienced in the use of specialist software to help map, deconstruct and reconstruct data flows to establish requirements and inter-dependencies.

Supply chain leaders are using advanced analytics and AI to augment and automate supply chain decision making. 96% use predictive analytics, 85% use prescriptive analytics and 64% use AI.

(Source: Gartner 2018)

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It is not right or fair or sustainable to just put all the risk on the supplier.

We have data analytics experts who are experienced working alongside our strong heritage in contract management, bid management and procurement expertise; helping you to identify the best placed party to own and control a series of well understood risks.

83% of legal departments face pressure to improve efficiency and lower costs

(Source: IACCM 2020)

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It is one thing to map out the requirement and the solution visually but how we turn that into deliverable contract obligations?

Clear enterprise architecture experts, who are experienced working alongside contract management, bid management and procurement personnel, collaborate with business users to identify requirements, solutions and remedies and use specialist software to output obligations in tables so that they can easily be converted into draft contract schedules and for obligations tracking.

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I can't get the best of the data we have because I can't get the different departments to talk the same language.

Clear Analyst are adept at analysing, connecting and integrating relevant information from different sources (both internal and external) to make it useful for decision-making.

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