Clear Solutions resolves problems within the entire supply chain and across the commercial contract lifecycle. Whether this is pre contract signature or post award during contract monitoring and change management.

We have the complementary skills and experience in requirements gathering, developing the category management plan or implementing the procurement strategy. We have the people that can really make a difference to your programme and your organisation.

We drive down value leakage and identify opportunities for efficiency and cost savings with a win-win, practical and pragmatic yet innovative approach to contract and supplier management. We help you drive solutions and help you realise genuine customer value, without disruption to your core business, and results paying for our services many times over.

We bring together like minded professionals adept at quickly assimilating information and hitting the ground running. Equally at home in strategic or hands on roles and anything in between. What unifies these diverse range of professionals?

We are all committed to the Clear ethos; driving a Human Centric approach, to both finding and solving problems and critically this puts the people who are most impacted by the problem, often the Clear customer, at the centre of whatever solution is being delivered. The end goal is that the solution stems from the needs of the people using the service or experiencing the pain point, rather than the organisation that wants to solve the problem.

This ability to address customer pain points, brings back repeat customers as the suppler of choice which then in turn attracts and retains the very best talent across the commercial contract lifecycle, with experience on both buyer and supplier sides of the fence. Clear people seek out the challenging and exciting assignments where they can really make a difference for your organisation.

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