Clear Creative specialise in cutting through noise, getting noticed and providing the answer.

At the heart of what we offer is extensive experience in multiple markets allied to unique, creative capabilities that brings unprecedented cut-through to proposals, tenders and bids.

Taking a strategic approach and asking the questions that help us understand the business needs behind the tender, means Clear Creative are able to isolate and tackle just that – the actual problem.

This is coupled with a strong pedigree in procurement and category management. Our advisors have sat on the other side of the fence writing procurement strategies and business cases and developing evaluation questions and scoring methodology.

We advise on how to pick up the highest mark by making it as easy as possible for the evaluator to realise you have answered the question fully, with no room for doubt.

A well put together bid proposal can only goes as far as it communicates, and that’s where Clear Creative excel – partnering with our clients to execute strategic, creative marketing with a focus on your business aims and objectives but importantly a focus on the end customer’s pain points, their perspective on the issue to be solved.

Our roots as a collaborative, agile, interdisciplinary marketing agency provide you a competitive edge and the ability to craft and execute bids from unexpected angles.

Clear Creative – Engagingly creative. Solutions delivered.

Get in touch and discover how creative strategy and insightful design increase bid win rate.

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