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Airwave Smart Metering

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Airwave had struggled to create a compelling coherent bid and clear winning message as they had difficulties with different departments struggling to talk the same language. They had not managed to stand out in terms of quality.

They had realised early on that they would not stand out positively on price but knew from customer feedback that they had a trustworthy reputation, significant technical pedigree and well-liked offering. However, this was not exploited and the bid team had missed the mark in terms of answering the tender question.


  • Business analysis
  • Bid advice
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Procurement insight

Board level lessons learnt exercise for the Smart Metering competitive dialogue bid to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (£1bn contract value).  Interview with the bid team and executive and consideration of bid materials to prepare a report to identify emerging themes and recommendations.

  • Services
  • - Lesson learnt analysis
  • - Bid management expertise
  • - Strategic advice
  • - Commercial reverse engineering and modelling
  • - Win theme analysis
  • - Risk and opportunity analysis
  • - Procurement strategy
  • - Evaluation advice


Introduction of improved sales collateral and convincing, credible, simplified, and coherent Win strategy.