Pain Points

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Pain Points

We are stuck with a poor, un-systemised and inefficient screening process

Clear provide access to internal systems to clients, ensuring the provision of real time management information. In addition we build a bespoke engagement and selection process with your business and culture in mind.

We have limited resources for finding and attracting candidates

A combination of premium and sponsored advertising, comprehensive market mapping and resource led consultants focussing on candidate generation sets Clear apart.

We struggle to recruit the best talent in comparison to our competitors

There are many reasons for this. Speak to us about our Employer Branding  Consultancy. Let us identify why the best should work for you and build an attraction strategy to suit.

We are suffering from a shortage or talent in our industry

The world is changing, and the hunt for talent is ever increasing. Clear’s dedication and reach ensures we are able to offer a proactive search based on your brand values and culture.

We have been focused on growth but struggle to retain our best staff. Replacing them is impossible.

Attraction is only part of the story. By combining best qualifications and culture fit within a defined selection process we have proven to reduce attrition by 22%.

We suffer a poor service from Agencies. Candidates disappear, and recruiters don’t seem to understand our requirements.

We are not an agency. With our dedicated account teams and candidate ownership simply put we go above and beyond. On average offering up to 500% more dedicated time delivering your assignment than traditional recruitment agencies. We ourselves are likeminded professionals in technical professional roles across the commercial contract lifecycle and have, generally, been there and done it. We have walked in the same shoes for many of the same senior roles, on the buyer and supplier side of the fence, so we can talk the same language and together find the very best solution to your resource need.