NEC3 and JCT Training

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Training developed to provide a working perspective of Standard Form contracts; particularly NEC3 and JCT. Training using real life examples of typical issues such as Early Warning events and Compensation events and how to administer the contract to maximise revenue, minimise value leakage and achieve a win-win, collaborative working relationship with the Client and Client’s Project Manager.


The training would enable the attendees to understand commercial principles of contract, top 10 pitfalls when contracting projects, application of contract provisions for serving notices and how and when to apply these provisions.

  • Services
  • - Training requirements and success criteria for training outcomes
  • - Training slides, interactive exercises and real-life examples
  • - Templates and process documents
  • - Timelines and process flow swim lane diagrams


  • Awareness of commercial pitfalls
  • Knowledge of commercial principles
  • Understanding on how and when to use Early Warning and Compensation Event Notices
  • Learning how to use caveats, dependencies and client responsibilities
  • How to manage risk, issues and opportunities