Improved bid win rate for a construction company

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Improve the bid win rate for a SME client in the Construction sector. The Client had scored well in several tenders for Price but lost out on Quality scores. Therefore, Clear were employed to review previous tenders, identify gaps and areas that scored low scores and highlight areas to improve, elements to keep doing more of and items to change.


Review previous tenders and highlight areas where the scores were low and could be improved. Work with the sales and bid team as well as the technical delivery team to adapt and improve the bid materials and specific tender content to improve the quality scores and improve the bid win rate.

  • Services
  • - Review previous tenders and track comments
  • - Review previous terms and conditions and derogation proposed amendments with justification
  • - Review the bid no bid process and Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies (RAID) register and Responsible, Accountable, Informed and Consulted (RACI) register
  • - Review the bid process and roles and responsibilities
  • - Conduct a workshop with sales and marketing team to review findings, identify areas for development, highlight where further technical detail was required and work together to produce revised and improved content for the bid library
  • - Review of the new live tender opportunities and application of lessons learnt from the steps above and adaptation of new bid library content, together with best practice bid writing techniques to answer the tender question and score the highest mark.


Successfully highlighted several key areas for improvement, implemented improved bid processes and procedures, revised bid library content and enhanced the quality submission for live tenders to improve the bid win rate from 20% to 66%.