Competitive Tenders – How to answer the tender question, navigate evaluation criteria and score full marks?

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Structured formal training on how to answer the tender question and achieve the highest evaluation scores.


Understand the principles of competitive tendering, especially under public procurement regulations in the UK. Review the evaluation scoring methodology to establish key areas to pick up the highest marks, interpret the tender questions, identify win themes and key signposts to score the highest evaluation marks.

  • Services
  • - 1 day training sessions to 12 people from across the inhouse marketing and bid team; content included:
  • - Real life examples of ITT and tender questions plus evaluation criteria and scoring methodology
  • - Exercises to illustrate key points and identify the win themes
  • - How to answer the tender question whilst making life easy for the evaluator by signposting key quality points
  • - Exercise role play to evaluate bid responses and moderation feedback
  • - Bid processes and pitfalls


The Client could see a significant improvement in bid response time and win rate, this saved time, money and resources in the bid process and gave a higher return on the investment in terms of winning more work, at target margins and achievable deliverables and objectives for project success, repeat business and referenceable content / testimonials.