Candidates: Why Work with Clear?

By combining our legal, commercial and recruitment expertise, Clear has built a community of Interim consultant professionals that have a common drive to add value to national, multi-national and blue-chips organisation across the commercial contract lifecycle.

With over 25 years leadership experience across law, commercial contract management, bid, procurement and supplier management we have, generally, been there and done most things and understand the role and right person for the role. This combined with over 25 years of recruitment leadership experience within multinational and scaled start up organisations we are adept at getting to know the candidate – in terms of character, strengths and development areas and equally personality and depth of experience.

We get to know the customer culture and understand the role and the fit, to focus on the right fit to make it work for you both. By identifying the right talent and engaging the right professionals in the right place, at the right time we drive value without disruption. We have developed an extensive industry network, and intrinsic understanding of commercial contract challenges in today’s economy, across the supply chain and throughout the lifecycle. Key to this is an engaged talent community – we provide wide ranging thought leadership content and network extensively, peer to peer about topical subjects of the moment.

Be part of the crowd and get yourself known and heard.

Sometimes we come across something we have not seen before or would find it useful to have a professional to professional chat to talk it through. This is where the Clear network can really help; in terms of shared experience, a pool of talent and resource who are all committed to the shared core values and are willing to find the time to provide the benefit of their experience to colleagues for the shared good.

The Clear resource for high value professionals and quality managed services across the sector. We pride ourselves on providing support to our clients according to our 4 core values: Adept, Coherent, Clear, Intelligent services. If this resonates with you and your approach to customer service then we would like to hear from you.

If you would like advice and support on career advancement, networking your skills and experience or even for a CV review to freshen up your profile, then send us a message. We are here to help and have found that this investment of time means we get to know you and further develop the Clear network. We find a candidate can often also be a hiring manager and vice versa and the experience of us having been in both shoes enables a high degree of empathy; by understanding your pain points we help you to find a solution that works. Right resource, solutions delivered.