Contract management services for the Home Office

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Professional services contract for the Home Office, working in homeland security. This involved a scope of works for contract management services covering onboarding of the replacement supplier and exiting the incumbent, procurement of additional services identified during transition and embedding the contract management best practice tool box for relationship management, supplier management, service monitoring, reporting and continuous improvement, innovation and collaboration.


  1. Establish best practice contract management and supplier relationship management
  2. Deliver against contracted outcomes and deliverables
  3. Deliver against budget and plan
  4. Achieve value for money, service improvement, innovation and benefit realisation objectives
  5. Achieve environment, social and governance objectives
  • Services
  • - Introduced key contract management toolkit - products, processes, tools and personnel
  • - Established the governance meetings including daily stand ups, supplier progress meetings, change board, design board, programme board
  • - Established the support structure including PMO planning team, risk team and change team
  • - Developed the Programme Transition Plan and critical path, key milestones
  • - Established core contract management capabilities including:
  • - Dependency management
  • - Change management
  • - Risk, issue and opportunity management
  • - Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • - Transition plan
  • - Transformation plan
  • - Exit plan
  • - Improvement Plan
  • - Relief and compensation notices
  • - Delay notices and liquidated damages
  • - Escalation process and oversight board reporting
  • - Obligation tracking and early warning
  • - Service level management, service credit reporting and remedial plan process


Successfully onboarded the replacement supplier and established contract management and supplier relationship management tools and techniques in order to accelerate the transition to the new supplier and achieve savings and benefits earlier than planned.